Cannot start SketchUp Make 2017, "Pro Trial Expired"

Some time ago, I installed SketchUp Make 2017. I thought I was running the free version (Make), for my personal use at home. But apparently, it gave me the Pro Trial. (I did see the Pro version on the download page, and I did not download that. I downloaded SketchUp Make 2017.)

Now when I start it, the splash screen says “Licensed To: SketchUp Make 2017 User, Pro Trial Expired”. Below that is a promotion for the Pro Subscription, with choices for “Free Pro Trial” and “Try Sketchup Free”. I assume this is for the Pro web version. I do not want the web version, and I have no need for the pro features.

Then at the bottom are buttons, “No thanks, Exit”, which does quit the program, and “I Agree” I cannot tell what “I Agree” is agreeing to! I’m guessing it is to get a trial of the pro web version. So I did not push that.

How do I get it to run the free Make 2017 version for non-commercial use? That is what I wanted all along. Uninstalling and reinstalling accomplished nothing.

Thanks for your advice!

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As I remember, “I agree” means you agree that you are using SketchUp for non-commercial or hobbyist use. Click on it and you should go on to using SketchUp. Part of the deal for using SketchUp for free is that you have to go through the Welcome screen every time you open it.

There is a difference between 2017 Pro and 2017 Make. With Pro when the Pro trial period ends the program will only work if you enter a license. With Make it will convert itself to be the free version. It sounds like you downloaded the right version.

It’s a long time since I’ve gone through that trial period, I imagine Dave is right about it being an agreement to not use Make for commercial purposes.

Excellent. It was not clear what the “I Agree” button referred to. I thought it might have meant I was agreeing to get the latest Pro version. Thanks!

Just an update. That suggestion worked fine. It went right into Sketchup Make on clicking “I Agree”. And when I quit and restarted SketchUp again, I still got the splash screen promoting a Pro Trial for the latest version, but at the bottom, a single button “Start Using SketchUp”. I can live with seeing the promotion when I start the app.