SketchUp Make 2017 User, Pro Trial, Expired

I have been using SketchUp 2017 make, at some point I initiated the pro free trial but really I’m only interested in 2017 make at this point. the free trial has ended and when I attempt to open a model I get the following message “SketchUp Make 2017 User, Pro Trial, Expired”. can’t seem to get past it.

Did you try clicking on the button in the lower right of the welcome screen? If I remember correctly it says I agree.

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Looks like I have two choices I agree or disagree if agree looks like I have to join Pro

If you agree you agree to not use the free version for commercial purposes.

Either that or you have downloaded the Pro version, not the Make version, which starts with a pro trial then reverts to Make when you Agree.

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oh, got it! I assumed incorrectly! Thank you, appreciate your help.