Reverting back to Sketchup Make after Pro Trial

I was using Sketchup Make (2017) back in April. In July I tried out the Pro free trial which has now expired. I cannot justify the expense of Pro, since I’m an infrequent hobbyist and would like to return to the free Sketchup Make.

However, whenever I start Sketchup, the licence information says “Sketchup Make 2017 User, Pro Trial, Expired”. Can anyone let me know how to get back to the free Sketchup Make version?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Sketchup Make, but it still displays the Pro Trial, Expired message. I understand that there’s a free Web version, but I like the desktop Make version for it’s CutList plugin.

Does anyone know how to get back to the free Desktop version?


Ron James

You should also have a place in the Welcome window to click to start using SketchUp.

Got it.

Thanks very much