SketchUp Make installation issues - licence number required


I am new to the community and hope to find some help.
I use SketchUp Make on my old laptop and am super happy with it.
As I have a new laptop now (Windows 10 Pro), I downloaded SketchUp Make 2017 and installed it sucessfully - at least I thought so :wink:
After 30 days the notification pops up, that the trial period ended.
So apparently it was switching to SketchUp Pro or I made a mistake in not downloading the right version (pretty sure it was Make though).
I deinstalled SketchUp and downloaded Make again.
But now it tells me staight away that I need a licence number.
Please help - I do not need the Pro Version, happy with Make but how do I manage to install it now?

Thanks for the support.

If it is the Make version it gives you two options, one is to add a license. The other is to accept the terms and condition for non commercial use and continue.

Make always starts with a trial period in which the pro features are active. At the end of the trial it gives you the option to install a license or continue with the pro features disabled. More recent versions of Pro also start with a trial period, but at the end of the trial it is no longer possible to continue without adding a license.

Thanks a lot - it worked now!!!
Very Happy!

Got it - great! Thanks a lot.

FWIW, if you are using SketchUp in your work as an interior designer and architect, you shouldn’t be using SketchUp 2017 Make. You ought to be using SketchUp Pro instead.

Thanks for the note.
True, but I use a different 3d program for my professional work.
Sketchup only for private use.

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