Want Maker, but got Pro

I dowloaded SketchUp Maker, I got it installed and it SketchUp Pro. It says my trial period is over and I need to add a license. How can I just use the free version?

If you properly downloaded “SketchUp Make” you got a 30 free trial of “SketchUp Pro”. Once the trial is over you should get the option of continuing using the “Make” version, or buying the “Pro” version. Did these options appear for you? If so, just activate the “Make” version and the “Pro” version will go away.

This option is not there.

I think I’ve found what’s causing the issue. I installed the software onto a USB drive so I can use it on my computer at work that I’m not allowed to install software too. If I plug it back into the computer that I used to install it with, it runs Maker, not pro… It must not like running from the USB.

More likely is the network interface card on the second machine does not match the one that was found when SketchUp was installed. The current licensing system uses the network interface to get a unique id for the computer.

Maybe I’ll just try and install it to my usb again using my work computer.

Work computer sounds like commercial work. If this is the case, you need a PRO license instead…

It won’t work. SketchUp is NOT a “portable” application. You will need to use the installer and an administrator account to install it to your computer, and the installer needs to add components (like the correct .NET framework) to your OS and write to the registry.