SU 2016 won't revert to free version (Make) after Pro trial expires

The picture just shows that I can’t use 2015 now with any of my designs. If I could use 2015 I would be happy. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling 2016 but the problem persists.

Thanks in advance.

Your topic title and your post are really two separate though related issues. When you try to run 2016 now, what do you get? If it is asking you to provide a license number, your problem is that you originally downloaded Pro not Make. After the trial period, Pro demands a license whereas Make drops out the extra Pro features you got during the trial. If you completely uninstall Pro, you should be able to download and install Make. You will then be able to load the SU 2016 files. During the trial period, it is always a good idea to “downsave” your files to the previous version using “Save As…” in case something like this happens.