Cannot open Sketchup Pro 2022, 2023

I have been using SketchUp pro for over 10 years. Because of circumstances, I have not used it for about a year. Recently, my annual autopay subscription fee was deducted from my financial account. When I try to open SketchUp Pro, it told me my annual subscription did not include SketchUp Pro. When I logged into my online account, it said I had access to SketchUp Free.
I have used more than one email address with Trimble, so I will check to see if that’s the source of the problem.

There is no SketchUp 2024 to open yet.

Maybe @colin can pass on your request to Customer Support but you really should be putting in a support ticket through the website instead of posting here where the vast majority of us are only users.

This is a users forum, here’s the link for support.

I had already gone to the support page. I’m waiting to hear back from them.

Aside from a technical glitch I feel like I’ve seen a lot of these on the forum resolved because of email account mismatch.

I had two emails registered with Trimble and when I first moved to the subscription I couldn’t log in, only see a fee account because I used my business email to register for the payment / etc. Once I figured that out I logged out of everything and logged in with the other account it all worked.

I also believe you have the possibility of having a separate assigned user - you can check that at your Trimble account. Some issues like this are resolved by making sure the assigned user is the proper email address - but @colin and the other SketchUp Team members will better be able to help, likely during business hours.

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Thanks. That is a possibility because I have used two different email addresses over time.

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It looks like you replied via email - please edit your post and delete your personal information.

When I clicked on an older sketch up file, it opened sketchUp pro 2024 login window with a sign-up link.
addendem: I may have been mistaken. It might’ve been 2023.

I wonder how that happened since SketchUp 2024 doesn’t exist yet.

When I clicked on one of my older files, it opened a window to log into Sketchup Pro 2024

Can you take a screenshot of that? SketchUp 2023 is the latest version available now, January 13th 2024.

I did a Google search, there is a cracked 2024 version available.

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man, the crackers are quicker to release than trimble. it’s still in alpha/beta but already on the market ^^

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I should get that, it would save us a lot of time!


You have two gmail addresses. The one you use in the forum currently has a Trial of SketchUp, the other one has the Pro subscription.

Make sure to be signed in with the other one when contacting support.

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I may have been mistaken about 2024. I thought I saw it pop up. I’m unable to take a screenshot now because I have opened at trial version of SketchUp Pro so any file I open now opens in that. I did previously take this screenshot.