Terrible Subscription Management and Customer Support Page

Bought a Pro subscription license a month and a half ago for $299 USD. I now get the “Your 30 day trial is over” and can’t open the program.

Trimble account page is giving contradicting info between My Products (not showing my Pro account - only shows SketchUp Free) and Plan Settings (showing my Pro account as active).

Trying to send a message and screenshots to get help on the “Customer Support Center”, but it kept timing out and making me click the “I’m not a Robot” box again and again as clicking the submit button doesn’t do anything. It won’t even let me check the captcha box. When I try, the red outline goes away, but still doesn’t show a checkmark. I have all necessary fields filled in so don’t know what is going on.

Someone from Trimble/SketchUp/whatever please help me as I don’t have the time to burn dealing with this garbage - Ill choose another program if I have to, but shouldn’t be forced to do that as we paid a pretty penny for this software. Work needs to get done, and spending my day trying to open a frigging program that is fully paid up is pretty annoying - and the painful customer support page and lack of phone number or live agent to contact is a big problem.

Why not call the distributor or reseller?
This is a subscription license, so you have active help support!
But you are right, the contact is terrible and the reseller cannot always help, if only because of the lack of access to the license servers. But he has access to the software producer.

Thanks for the reply. I went to the “Connect with a SketchUp Partner near you” webpage and still no luck.
Searching for a Distributor gets me this message:
Your search did not return any results. Please modify your search and try again
Searching for a Reseller gets me the same:
Your search did not return any results. Please modify your search and try again
Searching for an Online Store gets me this result:
“Creation Engine, Inc” Education partner only

I believe my staff bought this subscription directly from the Trimble page (will confirm in the morning), but I am seeing no other support options there or anywhere. Baffled by the lack of timely support for a pretty common program.

Plus every page seems to want my serial # - which they say they stopped providing with licenses in 2019. (Insert Captain Picard facepalm gif here)

This suggests that you want to activate the classic version, not the subscription!

I agree the system needs some changes, however This page may help.

Instead of focusing on the ‘Myproducts’ and ‘Plansettings’ in the account management portal,
Check the ‘Members’ section and give the email that you use in SketchUp ‘product access’ by clicking on the three dots beyond that email.
Then sign out of SketchUp and back in.

OK this one worked - thanks for this, Mike!

I’m finally able to use the product we purchased. Why these instructions are not given when you buy the product I don’t know.

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