Does anyone know how to contact SketchUp or Trimble?

Hi, I recently purchased a subscription to SketchUp Pro and shortly after updted my OS and somehow erased sketchup.

I can find my serial number nowhere, and am having an impossible time getting anyone to respond to me from Trimble or Sketchup,

Does anyone know how to get in contact with them to fix such an issue?

(You don’t enter serial and license number like for a Classic license.)

Instead, Sign in with the account that you used to purchase the subscription.

The download list page …

Begin here …

As Dan guessed, you have a subscription, and you would sign in with your gmail account.

I mentioned in the support reply that the day after you subscribed we released the 2020 version. You’re entitled to that one if you like, no need to download 2019 again. It’s different to 2019, mainly in that it has an actual installer, instead of dragging the folder to Applications. You don’t have to remove 2019, if you need that for compatibility with extensions, or any other reason.

I didn’t guess at all, the OP made it easy (to feign clairvoyance) …


ADD: (And, then their profile also has subscription as a license type.)

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I noticed, still wanted to give you credit.

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Thank you for the response to the newbie that was having an issue! I got it figured out and working with your advice, Thank you.

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