Haven't received Serial Number or Authorization Code and can't seem to get in contact with Sketchup/Trimble?

I’m in Australia and have been using Sketchup make for many years and recently decided to purchase the Sketchup Pro Subscription but have still not received an email with my Serial Number or Authorization Code, and it has been over 2 weeks since making the payment.
I’ve tried sending a message twice through the online customer service page, but it keeps saying they’re having technical issues and is currently unavailable.
I’ve tried sending an email to a Trimble email address and it bounced back.
I’m feeling like I’ve been ripped off as it seems like it is impossible to contact anyone from Trimble/Shetchup to send me the details I need to be able to use the product
Would anyone know the correct contact details/email address (that works) for users in Australia to be able to get in contact with Shetchup/Trimble company to sort out this issue

Thanks Gaven

If you have bought the Subscription there is no code needed, you should just be able to sign in with the correct email address and you’re good to go.

The subscription I’ve purchased is desk top as well not just online, so when I download Sketchup Pro onto my laptop from my account, it then asks me for the licence details (serial Number and Authorization code) before I can continue/start using sketchup?
thanks Gaven

On the welcome screen you should have two options, one for a classic license and one for subscription, The classic needs the serial etc the Subscription only requires a sign in.

The login option in the welcome screen is for version 2019 and up. Be sure to download one of them.
On www.sketchup.com , log in with the email address that bought the subscription on the top right. Once logged in, you can go to ‘My Apps’ and ‘Manage my Account’.
It should give you an option to view the included applications and download them.

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I’m only downloading Sketchup Pro 2017 as I want to stick with the version that I was previously using (Shetchup Make 2017)
I’ve now downloaded it again from the my account to my laptop, now when I open it up it doesn’t give me the usual option to continue (at the bottom right hand side) and open it up to start drawing, it only has exit at the bottom right hand side, I’ve uploaded a photo of what I’m seeing, not sure if you can see this photo? [Uploading: IMG_0864.jpg…]
Would there be an issue with me only downloading 2017 version?

Yes there is an issue. 2017 needs a classic license.
You would need to contact Sales and buy a 2017 specific classic license, if they will sell you one.
Subscription is 2019 and up.
@colin might be able to set something up for you.

Why would you not want to use the most up to date version?

2017 Make is the last free version.

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Oh really, so it doesn’t sound like I’m going to have much luck getting 2017 Sketchup Pro version
The reason I wanted to stick with the 2017 version is because I have a few other people that have 2017 Sketchup Make (the free version) that I send sketchup drawings to so that they can view my drawings from all angles themselves, without me having to take multiple 2D shots and send to them.
And If I get any of the newer versions after 2017 I don’t think they’ll be able to open the shetchup files that I send them, unless they also purchase a subscription and have the same version as me, which is going to be very costly for them and not practical as they only use it to view my drawings
The only reason I’ve purchased the subscription is because I would often get BUG SPLAT while in the middle of drawing and often loose hours/days of work if it wasn’t recently saved, and was hoping that by subscribing would stop the bug splats
I’ve just found contact details for Sketchup business partner in Australia and will call them tomorrow and have a chat and see what I can do
Thanks Gaven

Bug splats won’t be stopped by a subscription, best would to track down what is causing the bug splats. Probably your graphic card, which you haven’t filled in in your profile.
The graphic card and driver is a critical part of Sketchup.

As for your friends using a previous version, you can save as from a newer version back to an earlier version. So you can have 2020 and save as to 2017.
But if you are having splats your PC may not be up to using 2020, another reason to track down the splat issues.

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What flowers? Do you have many bulb fields in your region?

Ok thanks, I’ll look into bug splats and will download a newer version and try saving drawing as earlier version and see if my friends can open it
Thanks for the help :slight_smile: , much appreciated
If I have any more troubles I’ll be back
Thanks Gaven

When you get bug splats make sure you fill in the details to make it possible for them to be identified. That way a team member can search for them and see what specific issue may be causing them.
If they are happening often It might help if you start a thread on the forum to work out the problem. Describe what is happening when you get them, add a model if you have one that splats repeatably.
Find and fill in the Graphic card details. Sketchup itself helps with that. Go Window/Preferences/OpenGL and click the button for Graphic Card Details.
Once you know the graphic card, go to the manufactures site and download the latest driver, don’t let windows do it for you.
Also check that your computer is using the best graphic card, many have 2, often an Intel integrated and then an advanced Nvidia, Amd or some other brand. The better card should be running sketchup.

Roughly where are you in Oz, you may be nearby?

Check for an email from SketchUp support. I sent a 2017 license you can use.