Where do I find my Serial number?

I have a Sketchup Pro subscription, but after installing an update I got a message saying '‘We are experiencing technical difficulties. An internal entitlement management service error has occured’. Sketchup will not run. I logged into my Trimble account, and although my subscription details are there, and correct, there doesn’t seem to be any way to locate my Serial or Licence details. When I tried to get technical support my Serial number is required. How do I fix this problem please?

There is no serial number with a subscription. Only your e-mail address and the password you used when you purchased the subscription is used.

Try signing in to connect.trimble.com. Can you sign in there? You should then be able to assign yourself to the license.

Thanks Dave. Yes, I can login there, but where is my license? In any case, Sketchup isn’t working due to the error message above. I have deadlines and projects due. How do I resolve this problem?

Maybe @colin will be able to see your license and help you but remember it is a Saturday evening in the US and the SketchUp staff are not normally working on the weekends.

I do see something strange. You seem to have two Pro subscriptions, one of which is assigned, and the other one isn’t. It may be that as SketchUp looks up the subscription it’s picking the one that hasn’t been assigned.

As Dave says, you don’t have a license, SketchUp works by you signing in with the right email address.

If you sign into this page:


then look under Members, how many SketchUp seats do you seem to have? It would be worth removing whatever is listed there, and add in yourself again. If there is still one spare seat, assign that to a different email, in the hope that your main email will then get signed in ok.

If you shouldn’t really have two Pro subscriptions, you should contact support to help figure that out. One of the two originally started in June 2020, and the other in September 2020, so they both have been around for a while.

Thanks Colin. The correct subscription expires on September 3. The other should be deleted. I should only have one license. It’s just me, so I don’t want or need additional seats. Everything has been working perfectly, but, today I selected search for updates, and then downloaded and installed the latest version - which now doesn’t work. I’m not sure what went wrong. I’m unable to contact support because I don’t know my license and I can’t load Sketchup to find out.

Hi Colin, I tried logging in with my other email address, and now Sketchup runs, but it has set me up for a 30 day trial. I’m not sure what’s going on. If support could call me or email me that would be great, as I am unable to contact them, because I don’t have any license details. Strangely when I login into my Trimble account management, everything looks correct. I have a valid annual subscription.

Although this says I’m signed in and can use my Pro apps, Sketchup doesn’t work.

Try this:
Close SketchUp.

In the Window Explorer, go to this folder: %AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/

Delete the Webcache folder

Dive deeper in the SketchUp folder

Delete the login_session.dat

Reboot the computer

Start the computer and restart SketchUp

Thanks Jack,

I tried that, but I still get the same message ‘We are experiencing technical difficulties. An internal entitlement management service error has occurred’

Are you able to tell me the correct email address I am supposed to be using to login to my Sketchup account? I am using facetdesign1@gmail.com. Is this the correct email?

I do not have access to Trimble’s entitlement services.
For our own clients (we are a Distributor Partner of SketchUp) we can check certain things.
Direct clients should be able to get support ( it’s weekend now)

One thing to try, do you use the Google sign in option, or the yellow Trimble?

Close SketchUp

Change the default Browser App that Windows is using to another (eg Edge if it was Chrome or viceversa)

Start SketchUp, sign out and back in by using the yellow sign in, only

Thanks Mike. I’ll try your suggestions. In the mean time, I can work using the trial version I have running.

You will need to contact customer service for them to double check if the situation is what it seems to be to me. I’m thinking that you had another subscription that auto renewed on June 3rd. You would normally have 14 days to notice that, and ask for a refund. It’s just past that number of days, but still go ahead and ask for a refund, and I will give them some background information about this forum discussion. Here’s the right contact form to use:


You won’t need a serial number in order to contact them, but make sure you are signed in with your gmail address on sketchup.com before filling in the form. That will help them find the two subscriptions that I am seeing.

For the 30 day trial on the other email address, get by with that one and then let it run out, and long before then you should be set up correctly with only one subscription on your gmail address.