Trimble / Sketchup - customer service

Has anyone else had issues with Trimbel customer service or the lack of it ?

I have not been sent the authorization number for the product we have paid for and no one bothers to reply’s to my emails for help at ‘’

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SketchUp offices are, I understand, closed for a long holiday weekend. Support is generally reached through the forms on the webpage. I don’t know about the validity of the e-mail address you cite.

If you have a SketchUp pro subscription, there is no authorization code or serial number. You log in to SketchUp using the e-mail you used to purchase, and assign the product to the intended user.

I’ve tried logging in and logging out works ok but still says trial

I can’t believe how bad customer service is

My email is valid

My renewal date is Nov 22

I have proof of purchase

my trail and running out shortly.

I can’t get anyone to help after emailing for weeks it’s so frustrating dealing with Trimble

I don’t know of any Trimble support e-mail. My comment about the validity was about the Trimble address you cited. AFAIK you should use the links at Contact Us | SketchUp Help

The available seats says 1/1, so that means the autoassign was probably turned of when doing the purchase. (Sometimes, one would like to use another email)
Go to the ‘Member’ section on the left and change the product access by clicking on the three dots on the end of the line where the email is.

What Mike says appears to be the case. As soon as you assign the subscription to yourself you will be able to sign in ok. Your trial runs out in two weeks, hopefully you will have assigned the seat before then.

additionally for all customers outside the US, buying with your local reseller entitles you for a local tech. support in your time zone and tongue not only by email but also by phone… great stuff.

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Yes, non americans sometimes have issues with the credit-card-subscription settings and then ask us for help…

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Your trial will not turn off - even if you have a purchased sub and assigned it to yourself. The trial is designed to run its course, then automatically launch your paid subscription - since it’s all linked to your email (Trimble ID). Just make sure you assign the license to yourself first. Take this time to try out the additional features of the studio trial like V-Ray and Scan Essentials.

Thanks for finally getting back to me, this would have been useful to know from the start