Locked out of SketchUp. This device is not authorized

Well it’s finally happened to me too, I’ve seen many posts here to this effect and have even been one of the many to recommend signing out and back in to solve it. But here I am stuck.

Starting about 4 days ago Sketchup and Layout both began to stop working randomly and throw the not authorized dialog out of the blue. I have been signing out and back in which has started requiring a very annoying multi-factor authentication involving a code text to my phone (when did this start? What if I’m out of cell range as I often am?) I’ve done this about 6 times in the last 4 days (I thought subscription was on a 28 rolling check in schedule?)

This morning I sit down to work and get the same message (to be clear I am not closing SketchUp between occurrences, it was running last night and is de-authorized this morning)

I have logged out and back in several times and (doing the song and dance of getting a texted code each time) and still I am locked out. When I do sign in it logs me in but appears to be starting a trial?

Any ideas what changed? Why am I having to sign in every day with a code? How can I get back to work this morning?

I’m going to try a full system restart, but the questions stands for the authentication team at Trimble: How can I best set things up so I can be confident SU will be there for me when I need it?

Am I missing something simple and obvious, probably, I’ll have more coffee and try again.


Hard reboot of system and a restart of SketchUp worked. I had to Sign out and back in via the “technical difficulties” window and had to receive and enter a texted code to my phone, but I am back in.

My questions stand:

How can I avoid this happening?
Why do I need a texted code to sign in every time?
I though pinging the server once every 28 days was good enough, why does this happen every day?
When I get on a plane tomorrow morning, will I be able to use SketchUp?

Closing or quitting SketchUp is the most important after the sign in.
It populates the log files properly.

You can test this. When signed in, close SketchUp, turn off wifi/ethernet and start SketchUp.
See if that works.

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