License system problems today?

This morning I started up my work computer which is licensed for SU Pro. I started up Layout which asked me to sign in. The first request for a code to my phone didn’t come through, waited the minute and asked for a second. Input that, which the program seemed to accept. Went to log in to SU, asked to sign in. First code request wasn’t received, second one was. Input that. Then program wouldn’t start up. Asked me to sign in again. Same problem with the first code not coming through. Wait to get second code and it informed me I had made too many attempts.

Now I am locked out, try again later. How much later? Who knows

Great system Trimble.

As in not at all.

Fix it.

Resolved in regards to having access.

Some stupidity on my part (IBM) but it is still a frustrating system being used. The lockout in particular for so few tries.

When you get the message of ‘to many request’ you can try the ‘Forgot password’ method.
You can fill in the same, btw, no need to come out up with a new.
You might want to setup a restore address or change the multifactor method to an authenticator-app in

Thank you, good suggestions.

Should we really as general users need to know this versus the system prompting us to other actions?

In any case I have resolved the issue. Thank you for your time.