How to deal with "We are experiencing technical difficulties"

When I try to open SU 2023 I get a window that states “We are experiencing technical difficulties. This device is not authorized. Please sign out and sign back in to continue or enter a classic license”
I signed out and in and that didn’t fix it. This happened once before about two weeks ago and just went away after trying to sign in several times over a two day period. Is this a problem on your end? If not, how do I fix it?
Signing in at didn’t help

I had this problem a week ago, but on my second try I could login into my Trimble account, then I got the message that I had exceeded my activations which I didn’t so y manage my account and release the only seat on the list, I had to sign in again and it worked again, but all my templates and shortcuts were reseted, luckily I had made a shortcut file a few days before and I was able to import them to sketchup, it took me more time to create a template and create the custom toolbars that I use

We can check if any web services are having issues via: