Can't Use SUp

OK folks I’ve straightened out my Trimble login issue, and see my subscription for 2021, but still, when I try and open SUp I get that ‘Trial is Over’ Mssg.
I cleared browser cache, restarted computer,

what else can I try??

Under the Member section on the left, check if there is one(!)
There’s probably one which say’s ‘Account owner’
But that doesn’t mean he has access to the products.
(Check the column which says ‘Product Access’
To change, click on the three dots at the end of the row.
Be sure to save the settings, than try logging out of SketchUp and restart it.

OK I found Product Access and I’m the only one on there?

click the 3 dots and see this

OK, somehow I’m sighed in now and can use SUp again!

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Darn, I can’t use SUp again!
tried logging in to trimble, using my gmail, wouldn’t accept my PW, so I reset it, tried to login again, didn’t accept, and now I have to wait 30 mins!

Is it possible that you have used the sign in with Google option in the past? That should still work, and would use your Google password. If you tried signing into Trimble using your Google password, that won’t work.

OK signed in here’s the proof but Still can’t use SUp? !


I did have the PW saved Dave

Can anyone from Trimble help me? What a hassle! I paid for this software, why do I have to go thru this? Can I opt out of that needing to login? I need to be using SUp tonite and tommow!

I think you may be signing into SketchUp using your other gmail address, the one you use in the forum. It has expired trials. If you open SketchUp, and on the screen where it says the trial is expired, click on the avatar and see what email address is being used. I think it will be your other email address. Sign out and then come back to SketchUp and sign in again, but make sure you are using your 1******* address.

How can I delete that other email from my trimble account? Maybe that will end my problems …

this is getting old … so old. I’m getting tired of this constant hassle.

I’m logged in with the correct account I’m almost sure, (I deleted the other one weeks ago)
but get my 30 day trial is over message.

1/2 hour ago had no internet so I rebooted my modem and have internet now, might be a clue??

If you deleted your account, you are actually deletng your Trimble ID.
So now, the bought product has no way to go.
Check the member section and see what email address has what product access.

I was using SUp yesterday.

it shows my name and gmail.

it also shows Modify Product Access?

just restaed computer a minute ago didn’t help

sorry I deleted the other email that was being used in the account, which was susposed to cure this hassle.

this is what it shows.

That looks ok.
Try to sign out via [menu] Help > Signout …
Or by clicking on the little user icon on the top left of the Welcome screen.
Then restart SketchUp.

yeah that’s what I just did, from welcome screen, now it’s working for me,

what do I need to do to my account to make this issue stop? I see that Joe Wood using Free Version in there?

Your work email address is still active, and your browser may still be retrieving that one. When you are logging in, start to type your gmail address, and let it fill in the rest. Letting the browser enter the whole thing right away is letting it choose the wrong email.

How can I remove that joe@ work email entirely? I thought I already had.

or can I remove that gmail? I hardly ever use it for anything else.