Can't Use SUp

OK folks I’ve straightened out my Trimble login issue, and see my subscription for 2021, but still, when I try and open SUp I get that ‘Trial is Over’ Mssg.
I cleared browser cache, restarted computer,

what else can I try??

Under the Member section on the left, check if there is one(!)
There’s probably one which say’s ‘Account owner’
But that doesn’t mean he has access to the products.
(Check the column which says ‘Product Access’
To change, click on the three dots at the end of the row.
Be sure to save the settings, than try logging out of SketchUp and restart it.

OK I found Product Access and I’m the only one on there?

click the 3 dots and see this

OK, somehow I’m sighed in now and can use SUp again!

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