Sorry Unable To Sign In

Folks, i can’t use SUp again. I try and sign in to trimble, can’t, do a reset password, paste the new password in both boxes and it says Passwords don’t match? I do that a few times, pasting in the new password, it finally accepts it, I try and login again and get-

sorry unable to log in!

Is there any way to contact trimble about this?

Remember it’s the weekend, though.

Are you using the right e-mail address?

Yeah, I learned from last time this happened Dave.

And you didn’t make a typo when entering either the e-mail address or password?

Nope, I Paste the new password in twice, it accepts it after a few tries but then I can’t login with the new PW.

Just tried again, it accepts the new PW in PW reset, then doesn’t accept it when I try to login.

Clear your internet caches.

Cleared cache, but No joy Dave, I contacted trimble.

what’s pi**ing me of is this, I Paste in the new pw twice and it says they don’t match!

I try a few times, pasting each time, finally reset it and still can’t login

Try typing the password instead of pasting it. You’re probably copying a hidden character such as a space.

That did it, dang thanks for the help again Dave!

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Is there a serail # and authorization code for SUp 2021, if so where do I find it? Just looked all over my Trimble account page.

No, Joe. With the Subscription license that you have it’s only your e-mail address and password.

now I Am pissed! Signed in to trimble, see SUp 2012 under my products, just tried to open a file and get

your 30 day trial is over!

That doesn’t say your trial is over.

Sign out of Trimble Connect. Clear your internet cahces again, reboot your computer and sign in again.

Are you signing into SketchUp with the email that you show has the subscription, or the email that you use in the forum? The subscription is assigned to the email in your screenshot, but if you sign in with what I think is your work email address in SketchUp, that isn’t the one that is assigned the subscription.

yeah Colin using the correct email for trimble,

I’ll try that Dave!

No luck and I Am an unhappy guy!

I can see from your screenshot that you are using the right email on the Trimble page. I was asking what email is showing in the SketchUp Welcome screen, in the upper right corner.

Hhmmm, it showed the wrong email Colin! I signed out of that one, signed in again and I can use SUp again.

thanks to both of you guys!!