Sketchup does not work with an actual browser version

how is it possible to work with the latest browser version which we use at C&A. The software is not on the actual stand regarding browser. Also the 2023 version did not include the latest version. Chrome 88.X is requested into the software, but we have 117.X. Our IT Security officer does not allow the usage of older versions of the browser.

Attached is the error message which is coming up in case that we allowed only the latest browser. Because the license will be proofed with the internet, the program could not be used before.

Sign in uses your default desktop internet browser, so this is probably due to other things that your IT officer doesn’t allow. @colin knows which ports must be open etc.

Ports are open. By allowing temporary the usage of an old browser, it works.

The registration is only possible, if we allow all old browser versions. But we have to close the old versions, because it is an security issue. Ports etc. are not the solution.

SketchUp uses to check if there is an Internet connection. If that doesn’t work then your default browser won’t be opened, even if it is Chrome v117.

You can put in your own preferred test URL, so that the internal doesn’t get used. This post I made gives the steps to do:

And why opens it with an old version of the browser?

In your screenshot it looks like the browser does not open at all.

Are you able to get to if you open Chrome and try to go there?

Yes, we are able to do it.


Both Chrome and Edge are based on Chromium, and then they add on all the extra browser features. There is a version of Chromium that can be used in applications that are not browsers. With that version you can load web pages, but you don’t get all of the other abilities, such as extensions.

SketchUp does use that Chromium framework to show any web content, which includes the welcome screen. As you are able to see the welcome screen, that means it is working ok.

But, if your IT is watching web traffic it may appear as if an older version of Chrome or Edge is running, when it isn’t really, it may be SketchUp’s web views.

That still doesn’t explain why the sign in doesn’t open your browser ok.

I’ve seen enterprise customers have that User agent blocks , so they are probably blocking out traffic from the Chromium that SketchUp is using.

Again: it works with old browser versions, but not with newer ones.

I always keep my Chrome up to date, and I have no problems with SketchUp login.

The error you are showing in your post isn’t of a web browser, that is in SketchUp.
At what point are you getting errors? Once SketchUp has handed over to the system browser?