Sketchup Model viewer thinks I'm on Chrome version 56.0 I'm on Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)


As title suggests I’ve been using Sketchup 3Dwarehouse fine and now the 3D Viewer decides I should upgrade to an older version of Chrome Browser than I am presently using. That sentence doesn’t make sense but it’s true. Please help. Thanks in Advance

Message it gives me as follows:

SketchUp Web does not run on Chrome version 56.0 . Please update your browser to continue.

Note this is SUWH within SU, SUWH in that same browser actually works… go figure…

I just started having the same problem, within about a week. The difference is that my message says I am on Chrome 52, not 56, but I imagine its the same issue… since Im actually running the latest Chrome

Chrome 68.0.3440.106 64bit
Sketchup 17.2.2555 64bit

Ive restarted chrome and sketch up to see if it was a caching issue, but still cant use the “3D Model” feature of the 3D Warehouse.

yes after restarts it doesn’t help. Sorry to hear you are suffering the same issue. (but glad it’s not just me, in a way!)

I hope it can be resolved soon.

I have just started getting this error today. it was working fine last week. both Sketchup and Chrome are up to date.

my error:
SketchUp Web does not run on Chrome version 56.0 . Please update your browser to continue.

Same here. Don’t even use chrome.

SketchUp 2017 uses Chromium 54, SketchUp 2018 uses Chromium 56. Prior to that, SketchUp used the native webkit for IE & Safari (PC & Mac). That’s the issue. We’re discussing.

oh right, I thought we were discussing the fact that the 3D warehouse within Sketchup spits out the error when trying to view a model.

If you use SketchUp, you are using Chrome by using Extensions or 3D Warehouse (Chromium is embedded). It gave us less errors than relying on dead IE or Safari. We will provide a fix shortly, barring no errors.

righto. just wasn’t sure if I needed to install something or not.


OK, should be working now.

It has been working thanks for the support guys

Yea, sorry, we checked on this and made a change but I was busy and forgot about this thread. Thanks for the update.

It’s happened again @Barry … Different error message this time though… Checking with my browser it says the following:

Google Chrome is up to date

Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If I click on the ‘Launch 3D Web Viewer’ it takes me to the above Chrome browser… Help would be much appreciated… Thanks in advance

That’s a new feature. :slight_smile: Here’s why: with Chrome, new updated versions are fairly frequent, and for the 3D Viewer / modeler to continue to take advantage of newer features (and avoid older bugs), we decided to open in your browser, which you probably keep up to date due to security patches.

Chome was also released 10 years ago, and today it’s on version 69. The version of Chromium we embed in SketchUp is limited to SketchUp updates, so as SketchUp gets 2 or 3 years old, so’s your Chromium version (now about 15 versions back). That’s still OK for most stuff, but 3D modeling & viewing in a browser is a recent phenomenon with a lot of code updates. Most of our crashes in the viewer are coming from SketchUp 2017, so to avoid those, we’re opening in a separate browser, that’s likely more up-to-date. Is that a pain for you? Thanks for the feedback.


So does this basically mean I have to inspect a model in the browser then go back to the in SU WH to download it into my active Sketchup Pro model I’m working on? If that is the case yes it’s a pain and increases the time needed to use 3D WH to check out; save it to a location, go back to SU, import said model… a shame the chosen solution is to increase the time needed to import a model.

OK, that’s good feedback. Thanks.

Just curious, @IanR, what version of Chrome or your default browser are you running? If anyone else pipes in, please include your browser and version.

Hi, I’m using Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) - says it’s up to date. Thanks.

I have the same bug on Mac.
“3D warehouse 3D View is not supported in this browser”
I do not have Chrome. My default is Safari 12.0

Yes, but click on it: it will open in your default browser, and Safari 12 is fine. I have a machine with Safari 11 on it, and it launches fine.

As explained above: we launch in an external browser. It has been noted that some users do not like this.

What isn’t noted above: we think this leads to less Viewer crashes, which is why we do it. We understand this is not optimal for all cases, and will continue to ponder this.