Problems with loading 3D model for no reason!

When I start a 3d model it always crashes it says this “Sorry. We encountered a problem with your web browser’s WebGL support.” My browser is Google Chrome. My version of 3D Warehouse is 2021. My 3D Warehouse version keeps on crashing!

Try updating Chrome.

My version is still new it has already updated

Version Google Chrome: Aug 10, 14 2021

And what version is the Chrome OS?

92.0.4515.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Look to see if hardware acceleration is turned on for Chrome:

That is for Windows 10! My OS is chrome not Windows 10!

Enter this in the URL:


then look for the hardware acceleration settings.

I searched it but I can’t find it

See if this does any better:


not there

still can’t find it

please reply

If you go to this page, are the jellyfish animated?

it is animated

Thanks for checking that page.

Not many people at SketchUp check the forum on the weekend, but I will tag @Mark to see if he can find out why other people’s WebGL pages are working, but the SketchUp one isn’t.

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