Clear cache/cookies in HTML Dialog?

I have an extension where users sign in and sign out on our website. I have a customer that has two accounts and no matter what we try he’s always “stuck” to one account.

Our extension uses an HTMLDialog and kicks the user over to their default browser to sign in, gets a token and then when they’re back in SketchUp they’re signed in. It’s very similar to how the 3D warehouse and Extension Warehouse sign ins work now.

I’ve troubleshooted his browsers (clearing cache, cookies, disabling ad blockers, etc) but what I can’t figure out is if I can clear that sort of stuff in the built in browser in SketchUp. Is that possible?

Hi @ericschimel ,

On thing you might want to try is open the Developer Console, head to Application and hit clear site data.

Not sure if that will do it though, but it is worth trying.

Would this help you at all ?

(EDIT: The above seems to be a request for additions to the Chromium API.)

I’m going to give @kengey 's suggestion a try. This is a real edge case situation I’m dealing with. This user is running at least 5 browsers, 4 or more version of SketchUp and a myriad of plugins in SketchUp and each browser.

I suspect that because of this setup this may happen again, so if we can figure out how to prevent it when it inevitably does that will be good.

Just noting a few pages for information:

ADD: The window object in CEF instances have restrictions.
I’ve not tried to access it’s local storage in a CEF dialog, has anyone else ?

The following looks interesting as (I think) it is instigated from the server side: