Did you know that clearing the cache and cookies in your Internet browser is still a great way to solve problems connecting SketchUp's web properties?

It has long been a common troubleshooting step to clear the cache and cookies in your Internet browser to solve problems with websites. The Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse are no different, and if you have problems connecting to those sites from inside of SketchUp, I recommend the same thing:

Internet Explorer (Windows) - Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies
Safari (Mac) - Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history

Why Internet Explorer and Safari?
Although these may not be your default browsers, these are the applications that SketchUp uses to display content from the Internet.

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I use Firefox as a browser. I’ve cleared my whole cache. Still can’t download. Any other Ideas?

SketchUp doesn’t. For some functions it uses Internet Explorer or Safari, for others an embedded Chromium.


I have used Firefox without any problem until recently. I tried to use IE but the 3D Warehouse wouldn’t load. Any Other suggestions?

From this I conclude you are launching your browser and connecting explicitly to the 3D Warehouse, as opposed to connecting from within SketchUp, right? What Anssi wrote is true if you connect from within SketchUp but not relevant if you are launching an external browser yourself to connect.

We need more to go on… Exactly what sort of failure are you encountering? Are you unable to reach the 3D Warehouse page? Do you reach the page but can’t sign in? Can you sign in but can’t download anything?

I can’t get 3D warehouse to open up in SketchUp; So I started to go straight to it using my Firefox web browser. It was doing fine for a long while then stopped with the downloading of models. All I can get when I click on “download” is the statistics. I’ve even tried usung IE and it will not evev open the 3D warehouse.

any suggestions?

Since we don’t know exactly what is going wrong, nobody can give a 100% sure-fire solution. So let’s explore some possibilities logically and see if anything works, ok? Obviously if Firefox used to work and has stopped, something has changed. The task is to track down what. This will involve asking a lot of questions to poke into corners and see what’s there. Please recheck your answers - you’d be surprised how often people insist they have tried something and when they try again it turns out they had some small detail wrong the previous time!

There have certainly been ongoing changes in the 3DW itself since the release of SU 2017. These could affect you even if (as your profile says) you are using SU 2016 and Firefox. That is why the first recommendation is always to clear the browser cache and cookies to make sure you aren’t getting old versions of any part of the 3DW. It’s also why you should review your Windows internet security settings and also any firewall settings. A revision in how the 3DW loads could potentially be running afoul of some security trap.

Looking at Firefox, have you tried re-downloading a model that you succeeded getting previously (I’m trying to eliminate the possibility that the issue is with a particular model)? Has there been a Firefox update recently (is your copy set to install them silently in the background)? What about Windows updates? If you have any Firefox extensions installed, have you tried turning them off to see whether there could be some interaction between them and revised 3DW code?

You could try opening the Firefox Web Console (ctrl-shift-K) when you access the 3DW. It will list a lot of technical stuff, much of which won’t reveal anything useful. It will likely list warnings, most of which are harmless but please report them here. But if it lists errors, they may reveal incompatibilities between the 3DW content and your specific Firefox version/configuration. The 3DW staff would surely like to know about these, as it is very difficult to test a web site against every possible browser and configuration!

These results together indicate a problem with your installation of IE, so let’s explore that. If you can get IE to work externally, it should also work from within SU. When you say “will not even open”, what exactly happens? IE freezes/spins? Opens a blank page? Posts an error message? Shows the 3DW page but it is unresponsive? Can’t sign in?

Have you updated to the latest version of IE 11? Have you cleared the IE cache and cookies? What security settings do you have? Does IE have a saved userid and password it may be attempting to use?

Please let us know what you try and what you find, as it may help others with similar setups to yours.


I’m gonna see if I can get you enough information. Sorry if it gets a bit wordy.

I downloaded SketchUp Make 2016 on August 12, 2016. I was able to use it and get into the 3D Warehouse from inside the program up until about December 31, 2016. For a couple of weeks after that I wasn’t able to access it at all from the program. I then found that I could access it through my Mozilla Firefox. Until recently I had no problems downloading models from there. Then it quit downloading and started saying “Load Download & View Statistics” every time I hit the download button.

While I use Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser, I also have several other browsers I can access including IE 8. On NONE of the browsers can I get 3D Warehouse do anything else other than described above.
In the mean time I have emptied the cache in all of the browsers. I have also run Norton anti-virus, Malwarebytes, 2 different windows cleaners, an optimizer, and downloaded all of the drivers for this system I could find.

My laptop is now running smoother and faster than ever. I still have no idea why I can’t access the warehouse.

Would it do any good to delete SketchUp Make 2016 and reinstall it? Just wondering?
Hope some of this helps.