Cannot connect to 3d Warehouse



Hi, All aspects of Sketch up are working only when I try to get into 3d Warehouse it says it can’t connect. Using Windows 64 Bit Pro.


What specific error do you get?
You must have latest versions of your browser (IE for Windows, Safari for Mac )
Empty the cache .
See this post :


I get a notification after a bit of a timeout that reads ‘cannot connect to 3D warehouse’. Have emptied cache. No change.
I’ve got latest browser version. Never had this problem before. Even working remotely (logmein) as I am trying to do now.


Close and restart SketchUp ( be sure all processes have quit, check CtrL-Alt-Delete for any su-related proces )
And, did you install SketchUp as an administrator ? If you’re not certain, right-click on the installer and choose ‘run as administrator’ .When opted, choose ‘Repair’ .The latest version number of SketchUp is 17.2.2555 (Help->About in SketchUp )


Done all that Jack


Ok, when something suddenly stops working , something must have triggered that. SketchUp uses the internet for some of the functionalities.
Are you currently logged in ? (third icon from left in the status bar)
Does File->Generate report work ?
Can you search for models in the component tray ?


I am logged in
Generate report doesn’t do anything
Can use models in component tray.
Interestingly when I click warehouse extension it fails due to no internet connection…when it clearly is connected….does that help?


Which version of SketchUp are you using?


Pro 2014


You might put that in your profile. It can be helpful. Also put the version of Windows in your profile.

With that old version, SketchUp relies on Internet Explorer for connection to things like the 3D Warehouse. (And it makes no difference what your default browser is.) Make sure IE is up to date and caches are cleared.


Sorry if this is not useful or you already know it.

You should be able to access to 3d warehouse through your web browser as a workaround to go ahead.

If that old version of SU uses IE make sure IE has access to that site trying opening it.

Make sure there is no proxy on IE settings.
You can access with the shortcut [Windows Key] + R and then writing inetcpl.cpl and pressing accept.
Tab Networks, Local Network or LAN


Seems to be ig7icd64.dll related, which is Intel graphics driver (google it). Others on this list are probably more skilled than I at helping you on this issue.


Rebooted PC. Seems to have reset and can now access 3d Warehouse through SU


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