3d warehouse and tutorials

I have found that often in my classroom 3d warehouse won’t load up for students’ laptops. You just get a blank window. Anyone know what causes this?

Also, why is it that the tutorials often won’t play on campus?

Web dialogs (like 3D warehouse, Extension Warehouse, …) make use of the Internet Explorer (even if you use another browser as the standard web browser). First things to try:

  • clear browser cache of Internet Explorer
  • make sure the Internet Explorer is up to date
  • no firewall should prevent SketchUp from connecting to the internet

We use Safari. What would you suggest?

In a Mac, SketchUp uses Safari to create its web-based windows, so the problem may lay in how SketchUp is permitted to connect to the Internet in your firewall settings.


What version of Safari and Mac OS X? Try bringing up 3dwarehouse in Safari, and if it works there, it should work in SketchUp. You can set up developer debug tools for Safari and in SketchUp for 3dwarehouse and see what’s going on. Let us know how we can help.


I’m running Sketchup 8 on macbooks with 10.6. I have had a problem connecting with the warehouse through the software as well as the site. I don’t get why only some computers have the problem.

when I try to get something from the warehouse it says to connect to the internet (but I am connected) this did not happen in earlier versions.