Clicking on a model in the 3D warehouse gives me a blank screen


The 3D warehouse interface looks perfect but when I click on a specific model I get this:

It’s not a case of a slow internet connection. Have I somehow been blocked from using the warehouse or do I need to update some settings somewhere. I’ve tried restarting both my Mac and sketchup to no avail.


Make sure Safari is up to date and clear its Cache.
Doesn’t matter what your default browser is, Sketchup uses Safari on mac and IE on win.


You’ve disabled Javascript in Safari.


I just experienced the EXACT same issue! Grrrr!

My 3d warehouse is now blank! I did not do anything different. last week it was working, now it is not.

I updated java— No help

I cleared history-- — No help (is that the same as cache)

I restarted after each — No help

I got upset — No help

If anyone knows how to fix this blank screen issue, please help.

My screen looks EXACTLY as the one in the image. The models simply are not showing.



@ Barry, My javascript is enabled…



As an interim measure I’ve just opened Chrome and starting downloading the models I need from the online warehouse, that seems to work fine. In some respects it’s actually quicker than going through the Sketchup interface. Also I now have a folder with all my downloaded models in. It’s not the way I used to work, but it’s no more difficult. Hope that helps!


HUH… Cool. I did not consider that option. Thanks!

I will employ this as a stop gap until we find the answer!


If you’ve cleared everything in Safari, Mac’s also have an application cache you may need to clear. If it’s 2015, you can clear via

rm ~/Library/Caches/com.sketchup.SketchUp.2015/*

It wouldn’t hurt to clear rm ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/com.sketchup.SketchUp.2015.savedState/*