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I’m using an Ruby on rails web app to send data into Sketchup via a webdialog.
The login system have strange trouble. Even if i’m deleting cooking and session when logout, the login and passwords are strangely ‘keeping in mind’.
After long investigation, we discover that the session of my web app is deleting only when we logout from extension warehouse.
Is someone able to give me some explanation ?

Which login system are we talking about here?

The login system of my webapp
wich is depending on the extension warehouse of Sketchup

So this is in code you developed yourself? It really isn’t possible to debug a coding issue without a lot more information about exactly what you are doing and how you are going about it. The possibilities are endless!

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So you are logging in to EW via your web app?

As slbaumgartner mentions - that would be very hard for us to figure out what goes on. To begin with the EW has no formal API to login via web apps - so whatever you might be doing is a black box to us.

Thanks for your answer both of You, let me just change my question,

Where are store the persisting data of the webdialog on PC ? Is it just IE Cookie or any webstorage?
How logout of extensionwarehouse clean this persisting data ?

I hope its more clear ?

Finally, we find my solution,

to logout from google account inside Sketchup webdialog. we need to redirect to this path (replacing MYPATH by our webapp)
after that, session are not sotre internaly inside Sketchup.

Thx Slbaumgathner and Thomthom even If I was not clear.

I don’t know if this is related, but the authentication, or to be more precise, logoff from the forum and Extension and Model warehouses when you use a Google account seems to work somewhat sporadically, and not quite consistently when you use different browsers or OS versions. With Chrome, in Win 7 Pro, when I press the logout button, usually the system leaves me logged on to my Google account when I next open the Google page to verify. Occasionally, however, the Google page shows me as logged out but when I next go to read a blog, there is a bar at the top of the page that shows me as logged in… It undermines a little my trust to the security of all this.


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