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I’m just trying to get started with SketchUp. Saw some great tutorials on Youtube for creating timberframe models so I was pretty excited to try it out. Now not so excited. I was able to create a floor and begin saving a project but every time I try to move the origin within the window to begin working on real components, I lose it altogether and can’t get it back. Is this because I’m using a Mac book and the mouse is so radically different from a PC or is this because I’m using the browser version?


SketchUp’s basic modeling operations are pretty much the same on Windows, macOS and in the (new) browser. If you haven’t watched our “Getting Started” video series yet, I’d recommend doing so.


Is this program really ready for use? I can’t find a way to zoom to a home position. I can’t seem to find a tutorial that is for this product either. Is there a tutorial for this? Nice for folks to offer something free, but the older one was fine and tutorials, etc. worked well. Please point me in the correct direction.


hI!CAN I USE Sketchup FREE at school lessons sometimes


I am wondering why I am being asked to sign up with Trimble? I am new and don’t get the connection, anyone?


Trimble is SketchUp’s parent company. You’re being asked to log into Trimble’s ID system because models created in SketchUp for Web are (by default) stored in Trimble’s cloud storage system, Trimble Connect.


Thanks j, I did bother to look it up the next day and I very much appreciate your response. Nice to finally know a little about a GPS designer (and more) company