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I’ve been using Sketchup free for the occasional school or personal project and have gotten use to creating things in the application.

I have a new laptop and want to use Sketchup on it, however there is no option to download the free version like you could in the past. I know you are able to access it via web browser, but i do not always shave an internet connection and would rather have it installed locally.

In one word, it is bullshit. just let me download my free (non-trial) Sketchup app and do not limit me to the web browser.

On a side note, I had to sign up for an account to make a post and noticed there is no confirm password section.

If you hadn’t deliberately signed up with that badly spelled user name, many people would quickly show you how to download the software.

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In the end, this is a matter of terminology and resulting misinformation. “SketchUp Free” is the web-based version (with variant “SketchUp For Schools”). “SketchUp Make” is the no-fee for non-commercial use desktop version. It is still available for download from the Trimble website.

But, as @Box notes, you won’t attract many helpers with a nasty attitude and negative tone…


Ok, how do you download the free version?

Already posted to this thread by @slbaumgartner

Click the link in italics boldfaced above and scroll to SketchUp Make for the free version that can be stored to a hard drive.

Your use of such an abhorrent term is not necessary and is patently offensive. This is improper conduct in this Forum. Read the LINKED GUIDELINES. You should consider this a warning because the next time you use profanity on this site you will be banned.


Thanks for the reply slbaumgartner
I was familiar with the link however as I installed
SketchUp Make, I saw it was licensed as a Pro Trial for 30 days and did not know that it is suppose to give you an option to switch to a free license after the trial has finished as discussed here.

I suggest having a download link on the download page (underneath the browser option) for SketchUp make and an option to start using a trial or the free version when you first run make.

Sorry if was negative but I am not going to pretend to be nice when this has upset me.

As said above, it is on the download all page.

I agree that the download “Let’s find the right SketchUp for you.” page has gotten worse.

But, this is about Trimble marketing policy change that obviously promotes the web-based SketchUp Free and purposely no longer promotes SketchUp Make for hobby users, on a marketing webpage.
Shrug. Sales will always do what they do, how they do things, regardless of what us engineer types think. It’s a losing battle.

Although not a first run option (which will never happen now as there will no longer be any Make versions, nor updates to those existing,) … you can manually skip the trial period by following the instructions here …

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