Simple question re SketchUp

So, SketchUp, the free desktop version when Google had it now only exists as a paid ‘Pro’ version? And ‘SketchUp Free’ is just a version that can be monitored by an outside server? You see where this is going? Anyone, please tell me if I’m incorrect in my arithmetic on this.

Yes. I see where this is going. You have incomplete information and you’re making incorrect assumptions.

SketchUp Make is still available for download if you want to use a local installation. Or you can use SketchUp Free in your browser. So there are two options for those who aren’t paying for the Pro version.

Since the majority of Make users are still using older versions of SketchUp anyhow it doesn’t make as much difference as a few pot stirrers would like to think.

Since you haven’t shown your work, it’s hard to tell where you went wrong in your arithmetic. In fact I don’t see that you’ve done any arithmetic at all.


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