Sketchup shop doesn't give me a full year

That is the pro version. It works well because it is fully featured. You paid for shop which isn’t the same as pro. Additionally, if you’re using this for commercial work, you need to have a paid license so referring to the “free” version isn’t really fair. You can’t use the free one for work, but you can upgrade to pro and get the version that you actually want.

Thanks. I have sent a message asking for an explanation of what is the advantage fo Shop version over the free Make 2017 one.

I am using Sketchup for cabinets on my own house for now. I fully understand the need to buy the Pro version commercially. If I can get some work to come in, it will justify the pro version.

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I have spent considerable time trying to use the Shop version.
Look at the toolbar and you will see plenty is missing.
What does the Shop version do that the Sketchup 2017 Make won’t.
If I use this for my cabinet work, I see the need to buy pro and will.
Am I not supposed to use Skketcup Shop commercially?

What exactly is missing? Cosmetically the tools are in different locations but all of the native tools from SketchUp Make are there and more. For example Shop includes the Solid Tools, which Make does not.

Besides giving you a license allowing commercial use, Shop (as of today called SketchUp Go) gives you import and export options not available in Make, direct 3D Warehouse access, Solid Tools as mentioned before, cloud storage, etc. The ability to share your SketchUp model files with clients via the online viewer. They can look at your file but can’t modify it or take your model down the street to the competion. It’ll run on just about anything including an inexpensive Chrome book that you might take to the shop without having to worry too much about getting it full of dust or even on an iPad.

Who gave you that idea? I certainly didn’t write that.


People also seem to be unaware that Trimble has kindly left 2017 Make still available for download when they didn’t have to.

There is no way to post the problem. When I try to select something, it jumps to another view.
The triple click selection on a group or component doesn’t work.
I drew a carcass for a base cabinet and tried to put the face frames on but they would not separate from the carcass and yes, I had made the carcass a component.
i also have Sketchup make 2017. I drew the same cabinet in this version to see if it was me and had no problems at all.
What gives?

Sketchup shop that I have has problems.
The selection tool makes the view jump to something different.
I drew a cabinet carcass and made it a component.
The I drew a face frame side and attempted to copy it. It would not work with triple click.
I also have Sketchup make 2017 and tried the same drawing and same procedure and it worked fine.
Do I have a defective program?