Having SU Shop, how to enter SU Pro?


Have subscription for SU Shop, since yesterday, but can also not find my serial number and autorisation code to enter SU. I can enter license manager and see under My License : “SketchUp Shop bundle for professional use, annual subscription. SketchUp Shop bundle includes individual use of: SketchUp web, Paid support, Pro Learning and Trimble Connect for Business.”
If I try to download an image on Warehouse, automatically SU Pro 2018 opens and asks my License number and autor.code. Who can help me explainig what is what?



SketchUp Shop is a web based version of SketchUp. Just like SketchUp Free, it runs on your browser. Your Shop subscription unleashes features that the Free version has not (import and export/styles managing…)

You can acces 3Dwarehouse models through the component tab on the right.
When entering (first time) you’ll be prompted to accept Terms of Use and if you got the latest version of SketchUp 2018. This is the desktop version.
Ignore the message, when you want to continue the browser based version that you allready have.

Probably you downloaded the desktop version, the subscription to your Shop version does not include the use of the Desktop version. By double clicking on the preview image, it opens in the desktop version.

If you download SketchUp models via the browser to your download folder (not directly from within the running Shop version) you can upload them to your trimble connect folder and open them in SketchUp Shop.

Note that any desktop version has a (release) year appended. (Ie. SketchUp Make 2015, SketchUp Pro 2017 etc.)

The web based versions of Sketchup do not need a year, they get updates all the time.

If you want to use the desktop version you would have to buy the Pro license, which are perpetual, you cannot upgrade the Shop subscription since they are different products.