Subscription is there, but not able to assign license


Coworker was given SketchUp Shop, but when she was logging into it, was still unable to edit materials.

Went into the license manager, and under licenses, it says she was assigned to SketchUp free. Under the subscriptions tab, it lists both SketchUp Free, and SketchUp Shop. However, there is no ‘+’ sign for her to be able to assign herself the license.

The IT person who setup the purchase also has no option to assign the license.

Support via email is down this week.

What should we do? What step are we missing?


Have subscription for SU Shop, since yesterday, but can also not find my serial number and autorisation code to enter SU. I can enter license manager and see under My License : “SketchUp Shop bundle for professional use, annual subscription. SketchUp Shop bundle includes individual use of: SketchUp web, Paid support, Pro Learning and Trimble Connect for Business.”
If I try to download an image on Warehouse, automatically SU Pro 2018 opens and asks my License number and autor.code. Who can help me explainig what is what?



This requires assistance from a member of the SketchUp Team. I will alert several of them via this response. You should also send a request to SU Pro Customer Support which is linked through the bold text in this sentence.


I was thinking of to buy a subscription If I face any kind of issue after buying its subscraptopn and want refund is it possible, If it took time to fix then it will incease its duartion or not.I have bought a printer instead of HP becouse of brother Printer customer support


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