Sketch up 2018 Pro License

I am pretty frustrated with Trimble at the moment. I have a Sketchup Pro license I purchased in 2018. when I try to enter the 3D warehouse, I get a message that says it needs an internet connection. Well, I do have an internet connection. when I contact Trimble they told me that they couldn’t help because I do not have a Maintenace subscription. Trimble shows I have a free license. Should they not see the 2018 Pro license and shouldn’t that grant me access to the 3d Wearhouse?
thanks, John

The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support SketchUp 2018 and hasn’t for awhile. This was announced several years ago. You can access the 3D Warehouse via your internet browser, download the Collada version of the components you want and import their .dae files into Sketchup 2018.

Is that new I have used it in the past?

No. It’s not new.

Direct access from within SU to the 3D Warehouse only works for the current and two previous versions of SU.

So, now that 2023 has been released, only 2023, 2022 and 2021 can directly access the warehouse.

Use a browser to download a Collada version of the model you want, unzip it if necessart, then import it into 2018.

As you are using Windows, you could also install Eneroth Open Newer Version plugin from the Extension warehouse, to allow you to open later versions in your version.

I am a very spiritic user, i must have missed the announcement. thanks for the work around

I assume you mean sporadic? If so, it is possible you missed it. Since the browser used for the web dialogs in that old version is no longer supported by Windows, there are security risks involved which is part of the reason the Warehouse doesn’t support it.

thanks John I do appreciate the help