3D Warehouse not working in Sketchup 2018

I have Sketchup 2018 and 3d warehouse is not working. It was working lat week!
Is this problem designed to force me to upgrade?

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It applies to 2018, too. As with 2017 you can still use the Components window or your Internet browser.

Not specifically to force you to upgrade. The change in Chromium is outside the control of Trimble. Might be considered the risk of using old, unsupported software.

Hi! please tell me, how did you solve the problem with downloading models? I also don’t want to install new versions of Sketchup… I don’t understand how to use the library. Thank you for the answer


You just go to the website outside of sketchup and import the models.

You can do as @ArchitectinLondon suggests and go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser. Then download the Collada file and import its .dae file into SketchUp. Alternatively you could search the 3D Warehouse in the components panel in SketchUp 2018. That will show you components that are still available for 2018.