Is 3d warehouse not working?

Hello is 3d warehouse currently not working? Or stopped working with sketchup make?
i see white page and even can not log out from my account. Any tip if so how to restart this?

The 3D Warehouse interface in SketchUp 2017 no longer works. You can search the 3D Warehouse using the Components panel or you can use your browser and download components to your computer to use in SU2017 Make.


thanks for tip. browser i understand but what is the component panel??

Go to the Window menu and click on Components. I’m surprised you’ve never seen it.

Click here;

Download what you want and bring it in to your model.

And how do you bring it to your model? I downloaded what I want but it opens a new window.

I think I found it. Copy and taste !

Or: File-import…

Or drag and drop
Or create a collection in a folder and insert from the component browser.

Same issue with 2018. Anyone else experiencing with 2018 Pro?

3D warehouse is no longer accessible via 17 or 18. Use a web browser to access it or via the component browser window.

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