I can't open 3d Warehouse in Sketchup Make 2017

Hi. I use Sketchup Make 2017 as a hobby, not business. I just got a new laptop and downloaded it there but when I open 3D Warehouse nothing loads, just the warehouse window but blank, even when I am signed with my usual account. What could be the problem? Thanks ahead for the help.


I only use Chrome and Brave. Don’t have Chromium. I downloaded Make through Brave. Would that be the problem? Also, I am able to open the 3d Warehouse in the browser. The problem is not being able to do it through the Make 2017 app.

It doesn’t matter what browser you used to download SketchUp. The window that opens when you click on 3D Warehouse in the Window menu is a webpage that uses Chromium. As the post I linked to indicated, Chromium has been updated to a point that the old version in SketchUp 2017 no longer functions. Also as it indicated, you can use your browser to access the 3D Warehouse or you can use the search field in the Components panel in the Default Tray to access the 3DWH.

Thanks for the explanation.