3D Warehouse Not Loading Properly in Sketchup Make 2017

I have been using Sketchup Make 2017 for some time with no issues. Randomly, the other night, the 3D Warehouse stopped opening up properly in app. It loads the search bar, home and arrow buttons, any account name. I can scroll down through a bunch of blank screen and finally at the bottom there are external links to learn more pages. I can type into the search bar but cannot click enter. Going to the 3D Warehouse web page directly through Chrome works properly and loads properly. I also downloaded a free trial of SketchupPro and the in app warehouse loads properly there as well. The issue is isolated to sketchup make 2017. I have attached a photo of the screen I am seeing.

There is a problem currently. See this thread:

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Ah thank you! I missed that thread in my searches!

I appreciate your reply, I’ll follow that thread for updates

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