Unable to access 3D Warehouse from SU Make 2017

I can no longer upload or download from the 3D Warehouse directly from Sketchup Make 2017 (Free).

I cleared my cache. I restarted my PC. Still nothing.

In Sketchup, clicking the upload or download icon in the toolbar brings in same window, titled 3D Warehouse, and with my name in upper right, but nothing can be done in window.

This issue is know and is being worked on.

Thanks, Dave. Is it not working for the other versions, like Pro, web-based?

It works in the current versions of SketchUp. The only users who have reported a problem are SketchUp 2017 Make users.

This might be a good time to push yourself to create your own models and expand your skills.

You can still search for models in the Components panel. That works even while there is a problem with the 3D Warehouse window.