3D Warehouse not loading anything



Hi all,
I’m using SketchUp Make as well as a trial of SketchUp Pro, and my 3D Warehouse suddenly isn’t working in either of them. I open the 3D Warehouse via the toolbar, then the window opens, but nothing loads. When I type something into the search bar and hit enter, it just clears the search and the window remains blank (and I’m typing items I know exist in the 3D Warehouse!). I’ve tried this over a number of days and the result is still the same.

Does anyone know why this is happening and has anyone also had this issue? It is stopping me from completing projects and I I don’t want to buy SketchUp Pro until I know there is a resolution for this.



Just to add - I’m using the app versions of SU Make and Pro (not via my browser). I’m on a Macbook Pro. Thanks


Hi Shanna,

I just tested 3D Warehouse in Make 2017 and Pro 2019 and both are working as expected.

Are you still seeing this issue? If you are, can you please let us know whether you’re using the web dialog (Window > 3D Warehouse) and/or the Components Browser in SketchUp?



Also, 3DWarehouse stats (views,downloads,likes) and dates have gone haywire of late; I get different numbers depending on which display option I use when consulting the “my models” page.
There have been discrepancies for a while, but they were constant. Now, there’s no making sense of their day-by-day evolution.