3D Warehouse not loading anything

Hi all,
I’m using SketchUp Make as well as a trial of SketchUp Pro, and my 3D Warehouse suddenly isn’t working in either of them. I open the 3D Warehouse via the toolbar, then the window opens, but nothing loads. When I type something into the search bar and hit enter, it just clears the search and the window remains blank (and I’m typing items I know exist in the 3D Warehouse!). I’ve tried this over a number of days and the result is still the same.

Does anyone know why this is happening and has anyone also had this issue? It is stopping me from completing projects and I I don’t want to buy SketchUp Pro until I know there is a resolution for this.


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Just to add - I’m using the app versions of SU Make and Pro (not via my browser). I’m on a Macbook Pro. Thanks

Hi Shanna,

I just tested 3D Warehouse in Make 2017 and Pro 2019 and both are working as expected.

Are you still seeing this issue? If you are, can you please let us know whether you’re using the web dialog (Window > 3D Warehouse) and/or the Components Browser in SketchUp?


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Also, 3DWarehouse stats (views,downloads,likes) and dates have gone haywire of late; I get different numbers depending on which display option I use when consulting the “my models” page.
There have been discrepancies for a while, but they were constant. Now, there’s no making sense of their day-by-day evolution.

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I was looking to Download a Model from the 3D Warehouse [3D W] on 29 May 2019.
Clicking on the Link to 3D W, within SketchUp Make, it was noted that the only option was to Upload a Model.
Navigating direct to 3D W a Sign In was requested and duly entered, but the problem was not solved.

Is this because I am using SketchUp Make?

Clearly Users of older SketchUp versions are being encouraged to upgrade and it seems as if perpetually Free versions no longer exist?

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Which version of SketchUp Make? Your don’t say and your profile is incomplete.
If it’s 2016 or earlier, they are no longer supported. Currently the Warehouse supports SketchUp 2017 and newer.

SketchUp 2017 Make is the last desktop client version that is available free for non-commercial use. You can use SketchUp Free, as well.

Hi there,

I’m currently having the same issue on my MacBook Air retina 2018. As soon as I open the 3DWH in any file in Sketchup Make 2017 it won’t load and remains like this:

Help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Hi Mr G,

Can you access 3D Warehouse using a browser on the same computer?

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Oddly enough I can, the 3DWH works perfectly fine in my browser (Safari) and is perfectly accessible:

Plus, as you can see on the picture, I’m also logged in without any problems

Please search for threads in forum onclearing webcache directory

Thanks a lot, did the trick for me!

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Hey. I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) and a Sketch up 2019 pro. Everything else works, but the 3D-warehause opens, I can download my own templates, but I can’t download objects to my model. The screen is only white and the hourglass (ball) rotates. What would be helpful?

Do you get a different result if you access the 3D Warehouse through the Components panel?

I can access everything, but when downloading, everything stops working and the screen turns white. 2018 is messed up and 2017 trial warehause works on the machine.

I’m having the same problem. It seems Trimble has abandoned a lot of its loyal amateur users. Either that or they’ve hired people who aren’t concerned with us. I’ve been a loyal user of SketchUp since it was introduced by Google. Now I have jumped through hoops just to use it and it is no longer user friendly; answers go unanswered. Really disappointing. I purchased a Pro license from Google. I wonder if Trimble will honor it? I’m not going to get my hopes up.

One recent change in the 3D Warehouse is that for Windows users of 2016 and earlier, the integrated Internet Explorer isn’t supported anymore. That is, the site code is using HTML features that won’t work in IE. You’re on Mac, so you don’t have that problem.

Another thing, which isn’t a change, is that for all newer models the warehouse only offers the last three versions of SketchUp as a download format. You still usually have Collada or KMZ as options, and those would work fine in SketchUp 8.

Searches in the Components panel continue to work well. I tried this model as a test:


and can find it using the Components panel, and insert it into a SketchUp 2016 document. The nice thing about using the Components panel for searching is that you’re only shown models that are going to work ok in the version you are using. I do have SketchUp 8 installed, but I’m running macOS 10.15 (Catalina), and all applications that old don’t run. I’m going to set up a virtual machine with an older Mac OS, so I can continue to test those things.

On the question of honoring a SketchUp 8 Pro license (though it could also be a 6 or 7, those were the versions made at Google), as with the 3D Warehouse, support only goes back three versions, and 8 is seven versions ago. For the Pro license itself, if you have not been under support for over three years, and want to get up to date, you have to buy a new license.

About the hiring people who don’t care, you don’t have an easy way to know who is who in the forum, but a lot of the SketchUp team post answers, and several of them are actually senior managers, responsible for all areas of the product, including 3D Warehouse. Pretty sure we all care a lot.

Feb 2020 and I have the same problem. Using a macbookpro with OS 10.12 and the subscription version of SU 2019. Everything was fine until 30 minutes ago and now I cannot access the 3D Warehouse or the Extensions Warehouse. A window appears but it says no content is available. I try launching through the menu bar and through the Window menu. Same result. tried going to the URL on Chrome and Safari. Same result. No joy. What could be the problem?

Hello Shanna, I just have the same issue. It was working properly fews days ago and now nothing loads in the 3D Warehouse Window. I don’t understand … I would be interested if you found the reason and the way to fix this.

There’s another thread going currently. A problem with the Warehouse is being worked on. Be patient.

Hello there. Have the same issue , it doesn’t work . (MacBookPro)