3D Warehouse disappeared

I have Sketchup Pro 2017 licence and the 3D Warehouse keeps disappearing. The actual window opens but when I type in search box nothing appears? Anyone know what is happening here?

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Experiencing this as well on Sketchup Make 2017. I can however access it via my browser. (Microsoft Edge)

I have the same problem… i have Sketchuo make 2017. What to do?

I can confirm the same, warehouse is blank in SketchUp Make 17, even when signed in. The same is true in Pro 18. SketchUp 20 and 21 are working as expected.

The 3D warehouse can be accessed via web browser here:

I can see that there is an error happening on the page. I have alerted the authorities.


Thanks for the report everyone. We’re looking into it.


Something to keep you going: the 3D Warehouse search option in the Components panel is still working.

We looked into this issue and unfortunately it will not be able to be resolved. The built-in browser in SU 2017 is over four years old and we are no longer able to support it.

You will need to access 3D Warehouse using an updated browser like Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox. Or as Colin suggested you can use the Components panel.

Does this also mean that we can expect issues with (educational )classic network licenses?

Looks like simple phasing out of the older versions to force you to pay for a new one. Pathetic.


Since you are a hobbyist, you can use the free web version. Or you can use your browser to download components or the Components panel in SU2017 Make. Nothing is forcing you to pay for a new version of SketchUp.


Just my 2 cents (or 2 bits adjusting for inflation) wanting to note another user is having the same problem trying to access the warehouse thru SU17 application and just getting the virtual blank page. Access via the component toolbar doesn’t work either and scrolling the component panel is a PITA.

Interesting that the Extension Warehouse, more than likely using the same outdated built-in browser that 3DW would be using as previously noted, seems to function fine. Have to admit that it makes it appear that an app that has a potential to draw financial support seems to get more attention to keep it working and available than one that doesn’t. Not exactly forcing one to pay for a new version but rather maneuvering them in that direction.

Using those updated browsers as noted don’t appear to provide as much info as the older app does either, ex., number of Likes, Downloads, or Views which are all available to be seen on one page but now requires numerous click-throughs to help better track the users interests.

When you search for something in the Components 3D Warehouse search field, you then get a list of results. If you click on the text in the title or description of a component you want to download, that will open the 3D Warehouse window. It does seem to work for individual models, but instead of clicking the text you can click the thumbnail of the model. That should then download the model immediately.

I DO use Microsoft Edge.
How do you download a component from the browser into the model

When you select a component to download there’ll be a Download button. Hover over the right end of the button to get the drop down arrow and click on it. Choose the SketchUp 2017 version of the file. It’ll download to your computer and you can either open the file or import it into a model.

Generally the advice for using components from the 3DWH is to open them in their own file so you can check to see that they are suitable for your needs before you add them to your project.

Then even the same pb with the 2018 version… how come when you paid for the therarender blender to go with and knowing that it doesn’t work with 2019 version ?

What does Thea Render and Blender have to do with this discussion?

I am experiencing the same problem. Hope this gets fixed soon!

Are you serious? I really don’t wanna waste $200 dollars on something that I don’t use professionally! The online version is slow and does not work well for me! You could just bring Sketchup Make back and then things would work out!

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Make has gone nowhere. Idle rant. I never use the warehouse window inside SketchUp. I go to the site in Chrome.

Free software just materialises out of nothing? You know, I have paid for your SketchUp use.