3D Warehouse Web Pages - Download don't Work

3D Warehouse WebPage make some modifications in last days, and after that, I can’t download models anymore :sob:. I Try Firefox and Crome, The last versions, and nothing work. Can Anyone help me? :pray:

Is there a particular model you’re trying to download?

I just tried downloading a random chair model using Chrome and it went right away for me.

I’m having an issue with the 3D Warehouse as well. The SketchUp symbol just keeps spinning in the center of the screen. The 3D warehouse never opens up.

Is this in SketchUp or your internet browser? Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2018. That version has not been supported by the 3D Warehouse for a long time.

This is in SketchUp PRO 2018 and that makes sense if it is no longer supported by the 3D warehouse, I haven’t visited the warehouse in quite awhile. Is there a way I can go to the 3D warehouse using my internet browser?

You can access the 3D Warehouse though your internet browser and download the Collada version of the component you’re after. Then import the included .dae file into SketchUp.

You didn’t correctly answer the profile question about what operating system you are using but if you are using Windows you could also use Eneroth Open New Version from the Extension Warehouse and use it to open .skp files you’ve downloaded from the Warehouse. The Extension Warehouse also no longer supports SketchUp 2018 so you’d need to go to the EWH in your internet browser to get the extension.

Please correct your forum profile, too.

Windows 10, its dont work for all models, for all formats. When I try using mozila, just popup a blank tab, and using crome, starts a .json file download. I’m in Brazil.

Some else reported this thing with downloading .json files recently. In their case it appearred they were trying to harvest very large numbers of files from the 3D Warehouse. Have you been trying to download a large number of them?

Done, thanx.

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