SketchUp Shop 2019

For years i have been using SketchUp 2017 & 2018 Pro. Very satisfied with the ease of use for 3D drawings. Earlier this month my subscription expired. Last night I made a huge mistake when I purchased a subscription for SketchUp 2019 Shop. Not realizing it was Web Based. It is nothing like my other versions: layout of tools are terrible and hard to see, no extension’s. Like I said, I was very disappointed. I have contacted customer service to cancel my subscription for SU Shop. I will most likely purchase the 2019 SU Pro or continue to use my older version of sketch up. It is a cake walk compared to the SU Shop.

Did you have a maintenance and support agreement with SU pro 2018? Please update your profile with the current version you are referring to. also add the name and model of the graphics card in your PC.

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