Features missing in SketchUp Shop

The Trimble purchase page makes it clear that Sketchup Shop has all the features of the free Sketchup trial version, but that is NOT TRUE. For example, you cannot define component properties such as dimensions and position. Or is there some way to get these features without an upgrade to Sketchup Pro. Do we have a case of dishonest marketing???

What do you mean by “define” in this context? Basically you use the Scale tool for size and the move tool for position. Both Free and Shop have these tools.

I’m not sure which purchase page you are talking about (please provide a link or screenshot), but I think you missed one small, but importand word of the explanation:
So the trial WEB version of SU have a same features as the Sketchup Shop.

If you are looking for the Dynamic Component features, these are exclusively on the Desktop version of Sketchup Pro.

It may be that you’re comparing against SketchUp Make 2017, the last free desktop application. As dezmo suggests, the Free version being compared against is the free web version.

I mean that you cannot specify in numbers the location and dimensions of a component. Have you looked at the free Sketchup trial?

Yes! You can specify the location and dimensions of a component in SketchUp Shop in exactly the same way you would do it in SketchUp Pro or in SketchUp 2017 Make.

Show us an example of what you want to do exactly and we can demonstrate.

No. I am comparing the free software that I downloaded 30 days ago to Sketchup Shop.

You posts are a little confusing because you are using the word “free” which is also the name of a SketchUp Version, the no cost web version is called SketchUp Free. It sounds like you are comparing SketchUp Shop which is a web based modeler to Sketchup Pro which is a desktop application, is that the case?. There is a 30 day trial of SkechUp Pro available at no cost. There are significant differences between these two versions and a significant cost difference as well. I am not aware of any documentation that promises that the paid Shop version has the same features as SketchUp Pro, they are not the same.

That said, the core modeling functions in all versions of SketchUp are basically the same. Including the ability to enter specific dimensions and locations to define all geometry. If you are having trouble entering numbers into SketchUp Shop, can you describe what you are trying to do and how it is failing?

I admit I was confused about what I was buying. Now, I am willing to “upgrade” to Sketchup Pro" from “Sketchup Shop” but there is no credit for the price of Sketchup Shop that I bought two days ago!

Yes there is. If you upgrade from Shop to Pro, $119 is taken away from the price of Pro. It’s pro-rated, meaning that if you used Shop for 6 months then decided to upgrade to Pro, you would pay the difference in price between 6 months of Shop and 6 months of Pro. If you upgrade so soon after getting Shop, it would be close to $180 to upgrade from Shop to Pro.

I have to say that purchasing or upgrading Sketchup is very confusing. The people at Trimble should ask some inexperienced people to go through the steps and see if they understand what is happening.

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I get it, it can be confusing, there are quite a few options and versions. If you are upgrading to Pro that’s great, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Your original question implied that you could not enter dimensions or locations into SketchUp Shop, which is certainly possible. If you are upgrading because of some perceived limitation in the Shop Version, then make sure that the limitation is true and not just a misunderstanding in how to use the program.


I would also like to add to the previous comments that you would want to make sure you are logged into Shop in order to unlock it’s features, so if you’re not seeing Shop features, let’s make sure you’re logged in properly:

  1. Please go to app.sketchup.com and click on the menu (not the file folder, but the three lines in the top left).
  2. Go to Account on the left pane (under “Home” and above “Trimble Connect”).
  3. Then, look on the right of the left pane and the center of your screen under “Manage Account”, you will click on “Sign Out.”
  4. Go to app.sketchup.com and log back in again, making sure to use the correct email address that is assigned a Shop entitlement.

Now you should be able to see your Shop entitlements and tools.

One clear sign that you’ve successfully upgraded to SketchUp Shop is when the “Upgrade” button in your lower-left screen has disappeared.

You’ll also be able to access the originally “locked” features in SketchUp for Web, like Solid Tools, Outliner, Edit Materials, and Custom Styles.

If you decide you would like to upgrade from Shop to Pro and are having trouble with it, you can always contact Support at: Support - Customer Support Question | SketchUp Help.

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