Sketchup pro and sketchup shop

Hi, used sketchup 2017 and made some models with the free trial, i do now wanna use them comercially, and my question is i already exported them, so if i go for sketchup shop wich is anually 119 dollar, can i then use the models i made with sketchup trial 2017, will be alot of work to export them again and then put them back in my game, 119 dollar is more afordable for me then 695 dollar, Thank You.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. What I present here is simply a lay person’s understanding. Do not rely on it for a business decision.

OK. With that out of the way …

I went to the main SketchUp site and poked around a bit. What I found that is (I think) applicable, is the TRIMBLE SKETCHUP WEB TERMS OF SERVICE. While it uses neither the product names of SketchUp Free nor SketchUp Shop, it does refer to the free service offering (non-commercial use) and both the trial and subscribed version of a paid offering.

Massive Speculation: The terms of service were drawn up by the lawyers before service names were finalized. They were written generically so that they wouldn’t need updating solely to conform with whatever names might be assigned to the services. Based on that, I’m assuming that:

  • The free service is, indeed, SketchUp Free.
  • The paid subscription service is, indeed, SketchUp Shop.

In the above referenced Terms of Service, SketchUp Free is restricted to non-commercial use only. No such restriction exists for SketchUp Shop - once you’ve subscribed. The language is twisty enough that I don’t want to speculate on the allowability of commercial use while using the unpaid trial period of SketchUp Shop.

I have no doubt that you’ll be able to get your existing models into SketchUp Shop and (if you subscribe) then use them commercially.

What I can’t tell you is if SketchUp Shop will suffice for your needs. There are significant advantages for a locally executed program with the complete feature set - and yes, I mean SketchUp Pro with it’s included Layout. Even though SketchUp Shop includes many features of SketchUp Pro, you may find that there is still something missing.

Is there any chance that you’ll want to incorporate any extensions into your workflow? If so, then SketchUp Pro is the only option which includes extensions and allowed commercial use.

Will you need to produce detailed construction drawings? If so, then you’ll need Layout, and SketchUp Pro is the only option which includes Layout.

The best advice I can give is this: If you’re going to make a serious effort to profit off your SketchUp work, then bite the bullet and get SketchUp Pro. If you’re just dabbling, subscribe to SketchUp Shop for a year to see if you can live with it’s limitations.

One other disclaimer: I haven’t used or tested SketchUp Shop. I’m a hobbyist Pro user, and as such, I have no current need for a web based version beyond SketchUp Free.

thank for your reply, i guess i would need to contact technical suport then to get an official answer before doing anything, i use extension in 2017 sketchup trial but dont think i need that more, its just the models i already made i want to use and really dont want to import them to sketchup shop and export them just to do it if i dont have to, or i just have to buy the pro version, thank you again for the detailed answer.

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