Sketchup make, commercial use

I have a question, I use sketchup make, I work with my father, who has a construction company, when we take some budget. I do the project of the client’s house, and I send the photos of how the construction will be, but we do not charge anything for the plant, and everything given for free, we only do so that the client has an idea of ​​how he will stay at his house, wanted know if it is forbidden for companies to use the make version of sketchup, I asked for some they said yes, but on the license of sketchup make says:

“Trimble Navigation Limited and / or its affiliates (” Trimble ") grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-attributable, non-exclusive license to use the executable version of the Software for non-commercial use. If you are any type of business organization or employee of a commercial organization that uses the Software or Services as such, you are employed in a commercial activity and , so to use the Software or Services, you must purchase the SketchUp Pro license. "

Are you saying that I can not sell the projects that I do, I’m just in doubt with the term “lend”, does it mean that I can not give the clients the free projects?

IANAL, but I think it’s pretty clear that if you are using SU (in any way) in a commercial context, you require a Pro license.

You may not be making money directly from the SU model, but you are using SU to provide something of value to a client of your business.

Not much wiggle room here that I can see.


IANAL either, but I would agree.

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