Sketchup Make/Trial for [kind of] commercial use? No-no?

Hi there!

I’d like to use the Trial version to make a one-time presentation/portfolio [to be shown to a funding/grant comitte], hopefully we’ll get it and buy a 3D printer [and Sketchup Pro of course!]

Would it be against the Legal Agreements, do you think?

Thanks so much for reading and or answering!


Here are no lawyers (and unfortunately even the SketchUp team are not lawyers although we often wish they were because they would know better then us). So don’t take this as legal advice.

The commercial part would be the funding (if you get it) for the work to realize the project later, not for the portfolio?

Thanks for getting back, I don’t quite follow, tbh.

I would just use the trial version to create a sample/example of work which we would produce later on, if we get it, of course. It would be just a few printed images/snapshots…

Gonashvili, no sketchup/trimble employee can give you an answer on this here as it would be seen as an official interpretation of the terms of use.

Personally, If you are able to produce the work with the earlier google free version which allows commercial interpretations I would do so. Once the job is secured you can afford to upgrade to the latest official version of Pro.

Do you think the latest plugins/extensions are friendly with the older (7, 8) versions?

As I wanna show off with goodies like Chris Fullmer’s Component Stringer and TIG’s Extruder tools, etc…

But yeah, guess I’ll go with the older version either way…


That is like saying, “The commercial part is when the client pays me for the SketchUp model, not me actually creating the model with SketchUp.”

Commercial use, is commercial use. If the user (or his organization,) will benefit monetarily, I would call it commercial. It makes no difference if the money comes from a grant, a client, or your rich old uncle.

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The plugins you mentioned work fine in SU8. The plugins that require Ruby 2.0 would not work. Besides, the Ruby Library Depot archives older versions if there is an issue.

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Thanks a lot for all the input guys, much appreciated…