Doubts regarding the EULA

Before I begin, I’m a student and a minor (perhaps this would affect my ability to agree to the T&C) in a developing country. I’m working on a potentially patentable mechanism and it would be hard enough for me to afford a provisional patent.

I used Sketchup for Web for a while and would like to further develop and create a patent drawing (I’ll edit screen grabs of it into compliance lol) using Sketchup. But due to my financial situation, I won’t be able to afford a Pro licence (I think a patent drawing is commercial use, correct me if I’m wrong) until I’m further ahead in life.

So can I use the trial version of Sketchup Pro? If not, can I use a really old free version of Sketchup that can be used for commercial purposes? I partially made the model in Sketchup for Web, would that violate the T&C? Actually, I doubt I’d be able to import a current Sketchup model that far backwards. I’m too scared to try but I suppose if I somehow violate the T&C, will I get sued for every rupee I’ve got?

I’m sorry if my questions are stupid, but I’ve scoured the web and been able to find little information. So I’m looking towards the kind folks on here to hopefully help me sort out my doubts. Thanks in advance!

If I recall correctly, the old free v8 was licensed for commercial use. It didn’t have Layout for documentation, but you can manage without that.

All the basic tools are still there, but it is missing later refinements.

I’m not sure if there’s an ‘official’ source for the original installer, but someone on this forum may know of one.

I and others may have kept an old installer. I certainly run a v8 for testing backwards compatibility of extensions (though I now rarely aspire for them to run on that old a version), but I don’t know without hunting for it whether I have an old Mac or Windows installer for it.

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You might find this post useful.

Hey, OP here. Sorry for the late reply; time zones, y’know?

From the replies, I assume the trial version of Sketchup Pro CANNOT be used for commercial purposes? (I read the EULA and it certainly seems that way.)

I’ll only turn 15 soon, and the EULA mention being 18. Would that be a problem?
EULA - SketchUp 2016 | SketchUp (original link)
EULA - SketchUp 2016 | SketchUp. (Chrome link with sentence highlighted)
Wait, have I already violated the EULA as an underage user of Sketchup?

While I have no intentions of violating the T&C (too risky), how would Sketchup know whether I used the old v8 or Sketchup for Web to make my drawing, since I’ll edit it beyond recognition? Just out of curiosity, what legal action could a hypothetical violator (who did use a non-commercial version for their patent drawing) face?

Thank you guys so much for all the help so far!