Allowable use of sketches

Hello community! I am new to Sketchup and I am using the free web based version. I am creating some sketches and using some models downloaded from 3D warehouse to build a production line which my company has. My question is: am I allowed to use this sketch (a print of this) for training purposes in my company (internal and external)?

You should retain legal counsel to help you understand the user agreement but I think most people would consider this a commercial use of SketchUp so you would need to be using either SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop since commercial use of the free version is a violation of the agreement.

Hi Dave, Many thanks for your quick reply. My organization is non-profit, does that make any difference? Do you know who I should contact to retain legal counsel? Thanks again

You should contact an attorney local to you. Have them look at the EULA for SketchUp and for the 3D Warehouse. The user forum is not a good place to get legal advice and Trimble employees aren’t permitted to interpret the EULA for users.

I had a non-profit company also, a while ago :joy: :sleepy: :roll_eyes: but had a commercial license. For your information, they do sell Non-Profit licenses. Check the program:

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