Commercial Use (with permission) using SketchUp Pro Education (Is it Possible?)

I need help in understanding if one can use SketchUp’s Educational License for commercial use, with permission? For instance, when I create the 3d models on my own, is that intellectual property still mine, or does it go towards SketchUp? Also, (if this helps any), I am currently an Architectural Technology student.

You should get actual legal counsel on this as no one here is qualified to give a legal interpretation of the EULA and Trimble employees are not permitted to do so by corporate policy. That said, the way I read the EULA, the education license does not permit commercial use.

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Student licenses don’t allow you to use it for commercial purposes.
Everything you design with it belongs to you, but you can’t make a profit selling those models or use layout to create documents and build something that would generate you a profit.

If you want to generate money with sketchup you must get a license.