Commercial use question

Hello SketchUp forrums!

I’ve been a longtime fan of the SketchUp programs since many years and now that I work in a company in which I’m having a hard time showing our clients what the different configurations our products can have with a 2D drawing, I thought of SketchUp.

So my question is about the commercial use section of the EULA. It stipulates that in other words, you can’t sell the output of the program, and fair enough. My question comes from the fact that I wouldn’t per se get any money from the output; all I do is go hey, by the way this is how it looks in 3D if you were confused. I don’t charge for it, and its never facture in any quote or whatnot.

Would a use like this still count of commercial use since its a for-profit company and the specifics matter very little?

Cheers to any help someone can provide.

If you’re doing the SketchUp work during hours you’re being paid, designing a product that will be sold, and showing it to potential customers of said product, it is textbook commercial work.

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if you are promoting/showing your products to your client by a 3D render made with SketchUp you do (even indirectly) support the sales of your goods which is obviously a commercial use requiring a commercial SketchUp Pro license.

SketchUp Make is in general for non-commercial purposes only.

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We have clients who use it to outline the escape routes and location of bathrooms in their building…
Now who is gonna profit from that?
Eventually, when the employees don’t have to hold up unnecessary, they will make better products, which increases the sales…etcetc

Got to agree with monospaced that you should be using a pro version of SU. For a definitive answer suggest your company attorneys review SU’s EULA and make the determination ?


Great, the answers are cut and dry. Thank you for everyone’s input!